I had the honor of working with Michelle in making my little girls dream come true and I couldn’t be more appreciative. My daughter is 3 and has watched her sisters compete in junior rodeo since she was born. She is timid around bigger horses but wanted to ride all on her own like her sisters…. the only problem? We didn’t have a horse small enough to her liking or suitable to take on such a tiny cowgirl and make my husband and I feel comfortable. That was when I saw a little palomino gelding that Michelle had posted looking for his new buddy. I fell in love! Not only was he a handsome stud muffin in a tiny package but he seemed to have a calm and willing personality. Perfect for a little one wanting to me independent. I was nervous in the thought that I was about to purchase my daughter a pony site unseen but Michelle made it as easy and painless as can be! The excitement I see in my daughter’s face every time she talks about her pony has made everything worth it. They are the cutest little blonde pair and I couldn’t be happier ! Many thanks to Michelle for helping me on this path ! I couldn’t recommend a better gal to deal with in searching for your own special unicorn!

4 years ago this boy joined our family, and he is still #1 in this girl’s heart ♥️🎄

Merry Christmas I forgot to send this the other day. Paisley and Brody do this almost every day…..walk to the mailbox 😍

We will send pictures when we get them all cleaned up. 🥰 Thank you for helping us find our dream ponies! Our hearts are full!!

She is such a sweet pony we all just love her to death!!!! Love her morning face against the gate and her call for breakfast! Literally gives me smiles every time! This video was the first ride outside of the round pen for Allie and Jasmine😍

Little ones LOVED him Merry Christmas

Thank you for everything! I wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving! She is doing so great!

we just love S’mores thank you for everything

I love him so much’n Thank you ! We are naming him, Duke😍

So proud of this girl! There is something so awesome about watching my girl bond with her animals. Her and Maverick are two peas in a pod and learning how to communicate. They’re both learning and growing. So thankful she has her Aunt Mary to to mentor her and encourage her. This is their first time on this event and it was smooth sailing. #growing #alittlebettereveryday #agirlandherhorse

He made it all the way to Vegas and did his fastest times there. I couldn’t be more proud of him, truly my heart horse! Love Erinn

We didn’t know he was a unicorn! 😂 thank you we love him

They are beyond in love! Especially Allie… she’s 6 and has had an interest in pony’s for a couple years already…. she would live out in the shelter with Jasmine if we let her…😌 nothing like a pony!!🥰

My boys enjoying Coors already, thank you for making everything so easy and pleasant. When you have time please send me pictures of your barn. Your place was very clean, it was nice to show up at a place that all the horses look great. my experience of looking for a horse before you was a nightmare. Horses were nothing what they advertised, and couldn’t pass a vet check Thank you again and will be back to get our second horse and definitely refer you to our friends.

OMG she is epic with my kid. This little angel will never ever leave our ranch. This is 100% her forever home. I don’t think she has a mean bone in her. I will Never buy another pony from anyone else but you! Thank you Laura 💞

He loves her

We are so happy with our newest addition, Rooster, to our family. Michelle was very thorough and provided honest answers to all of our questions along the way. Purchasing “sight unseen” can be nerve wracking, however, we are very happy with our new best friend, and he was just as he was described to us. We are thankful to have found Michelle/JM Ranch as we had been looking for almost a year for the right fit for our Ranch. Our family is now complete! 🙂 The Santa Family

His first major barrel race, he’s turned out to be an amazing horse, I still cannot thank you enough for helping me bring him into my life

Thank you. Can you. Believe it’s been 6 yrs I have owned him. You are a wonderful match maker. I am very thankful ♥️

He is doing good! Got some traveler diarrhea but he will settle in. We love him! Thank you 😊

Bostyn with her new horse Renner:) I love this so much! Thank you! I need 1 more:) from you 😊

She loves her new pony

He’s everything that you said

We LOVE him, that you for making this purchase easy, and being truthful on everything about him

She is adjusting just fine, We can’t wait to spoil her

The love these two have is so precious 🦄🥰

Also want to thank JM Ranchhorses for mounting me on a horse that will go and take me anywhere I point him even if it’s dragging the younger sometimes the older ones into the water! Leading the pack or riding in the back. And being able to be trusted standing tied next to any horse there is even the ones that pick on him and he takes it and doesn’t get mean back🤦🏼‍♀️ or staying in his spot in the trailer when his halter broke or not running away when he could have while unloading him and the ones in the front of him(he was sandwiched in the middle)

Squirt Gun was literally the hit of the show. Everyone was screaming over him 😆

Putting fly mask on. She is such the good girl Michelle DeAnn Silveira

We have one HAPPY BOY today! Ole’ Snorty is all he wanted Christmas and it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for Michelle DeAnn Silveira at JM Ranchhorses and Donald Flatt Thank y’all for everything y’all do for him!!!! Danielle H

Thank you she is everything you said. She’s so kind with the kids. She let my daughter go in there a brush her without a halter. Thank you for being so honest. Now Riley the three year old won’t have to try and ride our pit bull!

Love seeing how happy he is 🥰Thank you for your time. He is doing fine. Getting a bit sassy. Love him.

Thank you JM ranchhorses She’s great!!! We just love her!!!

He’s a hunk. He is learning that sweet nothings and kisses are the way to go! He’s really cool All business. And so patient with me when I don’t know what I’m asking him to do lol Thank you Michelle

Thank you, I absolutely LOVE him

He’s gunna fit in just fine!

The BEST horse we have ever purchased so kind and patient THANK YOU

what a great team, he is such a love

Lots of love between these two ❣️

We couldn’t be happier with this sweet boy! He has brought so much joy into our lives! Thank you so much JM Ranchhorses

Hey! I finally got to ride Bodhi today…he had to be quarantined for 14 days (barn rules) and then the holiday but today was the day! Love him! You can tell he was a roper for sure but we totally click and he is so willing and open to things. He even tolerated my inaccurate queues and I can really feel him move so pretty easy for me to pick up on what he prefers or knows. Thank you so much

Asher is so in love already!

Tyson Yanez! What a nice young man Taylor is. First thing out of the trailer, Tyson rolled, lol. He’s still nice and pretty. Thank you so much. Have a great week on the road. It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate all the updates and pictures you sent us tell we were ready to bring him home. We highly recommend you to our friends & family.

My hubby spoils Toots ♥️ we love her thank you

JM Ranchhorses I am so grateful to you for this beautiful pony, he is amazing, truly respectful with kids, very gentle, very very gentle with themThank you so very much ♥️♥️♥️I enjoy riding him myself – Dutton is perfect! He has lots of energy but super patient when kids riding him ♥️♥️♥️

I purchased “Jersey” an 8 eight yr old adorable Haflinger mare from JM Ranch Horses Sept 1st, 2020. I spoke with Michelle as soon as the add was posted, who responded quickly, promptly, and professionally. I told her I was looking for an equine therapy pony, and would Jersey be suitable. Michelle assured me that Jersey would be the perfect match for the job/home, and sure enough she has lived up to every expectation and then some. In the short period of time I have owned her, she stepped right into her role as an equine assisted therapy horse and has been a super star. She has already changed the lives of her riders/handlers from toddlers to senior citizens with a wide range of cognitive, emotional, and physical disabilities. She is the sweetest girl, in excellent health, and just as described. She is truly a Barbie horse and the transaction with JM Ranch horses could not have been better. I have already referred JM Ranch Horses to all of my equestrian colleagues and will purchase an addition to my therapeutic riding program when the time comes from this enterprise.

She is so happy with all these kids Wanted to share some pics with you Jersey is the best. Let me know if you come across another one

Sable passing another test with flying colors on our second ride! He is everything and more from Michelle’s biography about him. He loves the roan horse and gets along well with the others. Sable follows me everywhere when cleaning his paddock and meets me in the early morning hours when I come out to feed in the dark. I am excited to take him horse camping next spring because I know he will accept that challenge. I am so thrilled having Sable and meeting Michelle you are awesome. I highly recommend you & JM Ranch horses to any one looking for a horse. Thank you Michelle!
Had a terrific ride on our new horse today! We named him Buddy! Rock solid! Feeling Euphoric! Thank You so much for this boy! We’re connecting and learning so much about each other including trust!
What a sweet boy!
We are calling him Buddy!

Hi, I’m Ellen who bought Amarillo. We are doing really well together. I’m calling him Buddy which is much easier to say and we are a great match. I’m so thankful to have him. He seems happy and nickers when he sees me. At first he didn’t know what a carrot was, but he sure likes them now. Thanks

Looks like Jersey is fitting right in
She is all settled in and happy thank you again! This is going to be my new cover photo for my Britt’s Equine Assisted Therapy her and her new therapy brother

Duece, We are at an elementary school teaching history of the pony express. We get to race around the football field and do mail bag exchanges for the kids.

Thank you she loves her!

Thank you, BEST pony ever

Hi Michelle,I just wanted to send you and your friend who owned Cabana Boy before us the BIGGEST thank you and kiss


He is the sweetest boy and such a special part of our family now, and he & Jadyn are loving learning to rodeo together. They both just did their first ‘out-of-town ‘ rodeo in Fortuna and did amazing. Here is a picture & video. Please pass on our biggest thanks & gratitude to his previous owner.

Kiana has found her new passion. She has been working hard and practicing tons to get ready for her CSHA horse mastership testing. So we went all in and bought her a new horse. Shout out to JMRANCHHORSES. Michelle was great to work with. And a huge THANK YOU to Kelly, Bobbie and Lauren for your dedication to making kiana a better rider.

Thank you JMRANCHHORSES for the Nice’s ponies

Kyndel and Gypsy running their 1st rodeo together! They did sooooo good!


She LOVES her <3

Everything went wonderfully well. Amarillo was a super traveler and backed out of the trailer with a little patience and encouragement. He isn’t too sure about the automatic waterers so I set it up so he also can drink out of a bucket. Thanks so much for everything. Everyone loves him! I will send some photos. The place he is going to live is super, with 3 arenas (2 covered) a round pen, turnouts, trails to ride and the people seem really nice and relaxed. He is in a box stall for a little while, but he will have more open space soon. Please tell his previous owner that he is doing well and everyone loves him. Thanks again

She love’s her so much, thank you again

We love him <3

we love her so much
so spoiled & loved

Chili & Roca, best friends. Chili has been putting on muscle weight & a pleasant addition to our family.

Thank you so much for all you do🥰 the bond is real already😘

I can’t say enough about this boy. Michelle matched us perfectly. He is everything that she said he was. And more. Always the same no matter how long he sits. Whiskey has been hauled a lot back and forth from CA to AZ. Always calm nothing bothers him. Love this horse. Thank you Michelle. ♥️

Bought me a real nice bay gelding from Michelle he was absolutely perfect and was exactly what she told me ! He was awesome for my husband to ride ! Very safe and fun to ride ! I totally recommend JM Ranch 😃

I have bought two horses from Michelle. She took into consideration my wants and my skills to fit me with the exact horse. I have been very satisfied with the horses I have gotten from her. She does an amazing job and has some of the best stock I have ever seen. Thank you, Charlotte Raleigh

I have referred to Michelle for approximately 10 years when it comes to lookong for a great horse. I know that the information she provides is always accurate and her own first hand knowledge of each horse she sells. It’s nice to know I can trust her opinion and experience in the horse industry. I have bought a few horses and sent people to Michelle and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you JM Ranch Horses for providing a reputable service. Katie Qualls

Thank you, Michelle, for everything! “Jayson” is a dream come true. I used to ride on the Ball State Equestrian Team many years ago, but now that I’m older I wanted a pleasure horse for trail rides. It has always been a dream of mine to have mother/daughter trail rides with my now 18 year-old daughter, Bryce. She has a young mare that she has ridden for cutting and sorting. As she looks to college this next year, we want to spend quality time together outdoors. With Jayson we can now do this! He is everything you said he would be. He does everything he is asked to do, he is built to trail ride for long miles and he loves the trails! He loads and unloads from the trailer so easily, he has excellent ground manners, and is quite a smooth ride, as well. I feel so lucky that I found him with you. I can’t thank you enough for arranging the hauler for me. It’s a 20 hour drive from your ranch to our home in the mountains of central New Mexico. We are at 7,000 ft altitude and he has adjusted wonderfully. You took care of everything we needed to get him here – from getting the Coggins test done to arranging for Chance Strong to haul him here. He arrived here beautifully: hydrated, fed, and without a scratch on his shiny sorrel coat! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful boy! Diane Ballard Alto, NM

Sable passing another test with flying colors on our second ride! He is everything and more from Michelle’s biography about him. He loves the roan horse and gets along well with the others. Sable follows me everywhere when cleaning his paddockd and meets me in the early morning hours when I come out to feed in the dark. I am excited to take him horse camping next spring because I know he will accept that challenge. I am so thrilled having Sable and meeting Michelle you are awesome. I highly recommend you & JM Ranch horses to any one looking for a horse. Thank you Michelle!

We’ve purchased a couple of horses from JM ranch horses, both times were good experiences and we got what we expected. Especially the mare Catalina, she was everything we could have wanted and more. Still looking for another like her. Truly one in a million, she was sold as just a ranch horse but was so much more. She excelled in rodeo events, drill team, roping, ranch work, and trails. Michelle was easy to deal with, and checked in on us after the purchase. We would and probably will purchase from her again, as well as refer others to do the same.

Best horse we bought was from JMRANCHHORSES. Was not disappointed at the horse and Michelle was awesome to deal with. Very very happy, Dorthey Wood

I have bought two horses from Michelle. She took into consideration my wants and my skills to fit me with the exact horse. I have been very satisfied with the horses I have gotten from her. She does an amazing job and has some of the best stock I have ever seen. Thank you, Charlotte R

Rode him 1st time today, awesome experience of a lifetime! I’m in love! He truly was amazing. Diane

Just wanted to thank you again for Jasper! He has gained weight and is the perfect riding buddy…he’s been crossing creeks, trail riding and just being an all around gentleman for my girl!

JM Ranchhorses, I wanted to thank you for everything that you had done for us. I purchase a Pony site unseen a month ago from JM Ranchhoers, She is everything that Michelle stated. Thank you for be so patient with us, and helping us arrange hauling, keeping her at your house a week longer, up dating us all the time, and making this experience amazing! You are a true blessing to our family! We will for sure purchase our next pony from you. Thank you Danny

Thank you JM Ranchhorses, I went out to look at a horse, Michelle was a pleasure to talk to, after we told her what we where looking for she didn’t think that the horse would work. I think that shows true honesty, integrity, she stated she will be getting more horses at the end of month. She could tried to sale us one there and know it wouldn’t be a good fit, but as a honest business woman she wanted us to wait. We will gladly wait tell she gets more to purchase our new horse from her. Thank you, Jan

Thank you Michelle, for the best pony ever, he is amazing. He has a forever home with us.

I wanna to take a second to let you know how much I appreciate your time for picking out the right horse for my daughter it is working out fantastic and would refer you to anyone The horse is exactly what you stated on the phone n in person. We will be looking for our next best friend in a few months and will be reaching out to you to get our 2nd horse

just wanted to check in with you to update you on Sugarman. Ari and Sugarman took First place in a Trails Obstacle Course the weekend after we got him Thank you for a great gelding for my daughter

Bodie is such a good boy. Gave my niece her first ride by herself tonight.

Thank you Michelle

She’s amazing. I just love her! Shannon

Thank you Michelle & Jake for taking the time and helping me find the perfect horse for our family, Mr. is going to be spoiled & loved very much.  Kelly (ill send pictures when we go on are camping trip)

To whom ever is looking for a horse, I would highly recommend JM Ranch, I was looking for a safe, gentle kids horse, to take care of my little girl. I went out and looked at a couple and I found my perfect unicorn, he is excellently what Michelle stated. All the horses where taken well care of and they where a pleasure to work with. Thank you again for everything. Julie

Thank you for all 3 of my boy’s

Thank you so much for our boy, perfect match, she absolutely loves him. Thank you for bring him to us, i’m glad I bought him sight unseen, he is everything you said.

Thank you Michelle & Jake best horse we have ever bought for are kid, he is so patient with her and never gets upset. she takes him out by herself and I never worry about her riding him, the best feeling a mom could have is to know your kid is safe. she loves him

Thank you Michelle Timmy, love him



He is great we all love him, thank you for finding him for me, Linda

The girls love her so much, thank you

Riley love his pony THANK you for a great horse

I wanted to take a minute and update you on our pony, we are so in LOVE with her. I will say buying her site unseen was scary, but from start to end with dealing with you has been a pleasure, thanks for be so patient with 1000 text LOL, questions, etc.., you where right she is amazing, and everything you said she was!! She found a forever home with our girls. I will get you pictures. Thank you, Kelly 🙂

Thank you JMRANCHHORSES, we absolutely love her.

I think he loves me? LOL Thank you, Michelle we think he’s pretty cool, Jeff

I’m in love with my mare

I had been in a “Horsewreck” a few years prior to Buying from JM RANCH. My Confidence was at an all time low after riding horses for Thirty years. Therefore I was looking for the Elusive “Brombproof” Horse. I was also looking for My Dream color of a Red Dun. Preference was a Gelding. Called Michelle to inquire about a Red Dun Gelding she had. Described my preferences. I just wanted a horse to walk thru traffic calmly to take me to the store and post office without fuss and give me my confidence back. She told me the Gelding had already sold. But that she had a Red Dun Mare that would fit the bill. I was disappointed but decided to give the Mare a try. Not only did the Mare work out wonderfully and do everything I needed her to do and more she also also had an awesome people friendly disposition. I fell in love. And after gaining my confidence back I also learned just how fun that Mare “Rose” was! The Mare exceeeding my expectations and I also gained a True Friend in Michelle. Would definitely recommend and Buy from again. Thank You Michelle!

Michelle and Jake are awesome people to do business with ! !! I bought a very nice gelding Deanne

I have purchase two horses from JM Ranch and they are both everything I was looking for. Michelle is awesome to work with and found me just the right fit. Maverick and Jack are such wonderful boys, the whole family enjoys them. Thank you Michelle. Luna

Best horse I have bought. Michelle really knows how to match a horse to you. Whiskey is everything and more than what was described. Will purchase my next boy for sure from her.  Kandy

I’m the proud owner of 3 of Michelle’s horses. She’s my one-stop-shop. Tell her what you want? She’ll find it! She’s not pushy and is a pro at matching the right horse to the right rider. Michelle, I love you and my three boys!!! They won’t be the last I buy from you. This I assure you. Julie B

We purchased a horse named Chief from JM Ranch, We love this ole boy so much!! He was everything they said he was, and more. He was shy on weight which they told us, he has some skin allergies which I discussed with Michelle a few weeks after purchase and she helped us figure it out!! His now healthy and happy with his heard, we are considering getting one more and you better bet we are going to get it from JM Ranch!  Trinity K.

To whom it may concern,

I bought a Gelding a few months ago from JMRanchhorses, I have been so please to say he is everything Michelle & Jake had mention and more, he has been a dream come true, I will be telling others looking for a horse to check them out. Michelle was so easy to work with on sending him to me, as I was purchasing him site unseen, she worked with me on getting everything I requested to purchase him. They both was very helpful and friendly to work with. Thank you again for everything,

Beth V.  Utah


Just wanted you to know, I couldn’t have asked for a better horse! He was perfect today <3 thank you again for an amazing horse, he is truly everything and more of what you said he is. Shawnee

Thank you Michelle, I love ya for making us all happy 🙂 omg Michelle she’s so amazing, saving for another one from you next year! thank you



JMRanchhorses,Thank you for the joy you have brought into my families life, we can’t thank you enough for the amazing horse we purchase from you. He is better than you said. I was kind of scared to purchase a horse sight unseen, and just off a video (never done that before), but we couldn’t be more happier with him. Thank you for taking the time with me on the phone and making this purchase fast and easy. You are truly wonderful. Merry Christmas to you and your family

Thank you,


I love my horse,  THANK YOU SO MUCH, Ashley   


Thank you. That was a very happy day.  Kandy

I purchased this great Ranch Horse.  Today I took him out and rode the hills, flats, gave him a real work out.  The best horse I have been on in some time.  Everything that was promised and more.  Thank you so much J&M Ranch Horses. Teresa Harborth



14291672_10154517807924911_1117331680749379799_n  14364675_10154517804034911_1701204008133390892_n  14184304_10154493449769911_1285809429292941030_n

I just love him. Thank you

14501840_1269744316377265_1994924979_n  14518718_1269744149710615_437739754_n

Michelle, I just wanted to update you that Canella and Red are doing great, 3 buckles already. Thank you Carmen

14470858_1295618337116142_1093269569_n    14483502_1295618340449475_1642413282_n

Michelle, I wanted to just say Thank you again for all your hard work on finding me the perfect horse. He is so sweet, when I go out to the pasture he talks to me tell he gets to the gate. I will be telling all my horsey friends that are looking for a horse to be contacting you. You made my experience  unforgettable.  Thank you Janet

Thank you Michelle for all your help finding me the perfect match for my daughter, he is EVERYTHING you advertised. She goes out there and does everything on her own, he is so tolerant to her loving, brushing, bathing, and he stands like a rock. I was nervous at first buying a horse sight unseen and having him deliver so far. Thank you again for making this all happen and making it so easy. Stacy

After a 3 mile trail ride. Never spooked once. Walked over rolled up Black Pipe, logs in the trail, didn’t slip on the pavement, didn’t spook at the kid riding on the roof of a car yelling and waving as he passed us (Its Iowa Hill) or the dogs or motorcyclist, neck reins, backs up, walks, trots, canters, climbs hills, Stands still when you get on him and saddle and bridle him. Just an all-around level headed been there done that kind of guy. And super sweet. Thank you again Michelle DeAnn Silveira, Jack is a gem.



13570201_1201103443241353_1436451840_o  13582385_1201103506574680_337422114_o

Thank you JMRanchhorses, you made my daughters day


Thank you so much, Michelle she is so amazing, I JUST LOVE THIS MARE, SHES EVERY THING YOU SAID. 

13565562_1199989746686056_1452374951_n 13579807_1199989640019400_1824077358_o

Thank you Michelle for letting us visit your ranch today, I had a very nice experienced. Your place is clean & horses very well taken care of. Thank you for being so honest and telling us that the horse was not a good fit and that when one comes in you will let us know. Love your honesty and cant wait tell you get me the right fit. Sherry

13052441_1156504174367947_901226666_o 12166571_1156504361034595_57877501_n

Maverick is still such a wonderful horse, just love him soooo much!!!! Thank you, Luana

13052474_1156504937701204_2135143520_o 13054749_1156504984367866_1527088922_o 13062697_1156504874367877_329216905_o

Dakota’s first parade… he is doing great 

Thank you, Shelby

11141222_10209274876411881_7598808956210122014_n  12985369_10209275665271602_8081422673790456590_n


12966702_1149847648366933_1189602372_n  13015051_1149847778366920_1990398803_n





Thank you Michelle, the kids just love him

12900196_1142996522385379_972158528_n 12910276_1142996482385383_933121529_n 12935343_1142996555718709_41859690_n 12939655_1142996599052038_874424062_n


I want to thank you for taking the time with me today and finding me the best fit for my needs, He is going to work out great for me, knowing my riding ability is not very good, its very much appreciated that you took the time to match me with the perfect horse. Thank you, George

Michelle, I have grew up on a working cattle ranch and have had literally hundreds of horses. None of them come close to Sam. He is in your pocket, follow you around, curious intelligent, not at all spooky or flanky, loves much human touch and affection, and that’s what I call a thinking horse, also have taken him up in high mountains, hunted off him, cared a deer on him. Please find me another one just like Sam. Thanks, Dave

12053262_1112236852128013_593839557_n  12752153_1112236898794675_713657706_o


you have brought so much joy to our whole family, thank you again for such a sweet, wonderful boy. He is so spoiled, he follows Jack around like a puppy LOL, when Jack stops to pet him he stops. we are so pleased with our new addition to are barn friends.

Thank you, Sandy & Little Jack

Thank you Michelle we are doing well together, he is awesome , Matt . here’s a pic of Starbuck an my burro


Michael & Snoop


JM Ranch Horses

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule and showing me your horses, it was nice to see how well taken care your horses and place was. It is a big decision buying a horse and making sure it is the right fit. I felt you worked with me and I was so pleased to not feel pressured and rush on buying one. With all that said I cant thank you enough for matching me up with my new best friend, we have many years and trail rides together. it was a pleasure meeting you. I will keep you utd on how my big guy and I are doing.

Best Wishes,

Sammy 🙂


Mr. Willie he’s the best, Thank you

12243839_1063011637050535_813849283_n  12270371_1063010740383958_667896315_n  12272944_1063010700383962_1369115451_n

He has been amazing with me, I enjoy him so much thank you, Ashley

12207946_1059571940727838_1466940650_n  12226414_1059572137394485_791239848_n

Trinity rode cowboy at our OES play day.  She was the only kid    got 2 firsts out of 6 classes.  they have really clicked.  I got him certified as a mounted patrol horse  for our regional parks.  He doesn’t get excited about anything  great kids horse .  he isn’t  crazy about small bridges  but with spurs on he goes over them.  we  will recommend you to anyone looking  for a horse. Thank you, Cynthia Crane

she wasn’t sure about all this, but she was good girl.

12197283_1048967601804402_1240976976_o 12197126_1048967751804387_843806599_o

Hey Michelle, Starbuck & my burro get along just fine. he need a little coaxing into my small 2 horse straight load. LOL I didn’t think he would fit. went on a nice three hour ride, and I love him. You did a great job matching us. Thank you, Mathew

12179963_1053845464633819_1514766297_n 12179970_1053845491300483_1562208558_n 12180003_1053845471300485_1188336579_n

I love him, I’m very happy with Cando and how we are together. I placed 5th for my first gymkhana, he is awesome. Thank you, Ashley

12182282_1053840831300949_1818360875_n 12188401_1053840784634287_1380975323_n 12179238_1053840751300957_1088604709_n 12179685_1053840791300953_1352486328_n

 Michelle, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions, and putting up with all my texts about my special boy “Dude” (I changed his name) I was nervous about buying a horse out of state and never putting my leg over it, but dealing with you made it so easy, when the hauler pulled him out I was so happy that every thing you said and pictures matched him exactly. Rode him the other day he was a dream come true, and every thing & better than you said, he is my best friend thank you so much. I will differently send people your way. Your a very special lady Michelle, for making my purchase amazing experience. Diane

Canella an Red won their 2nd buckle together yesterday! THANK YOU AGAIN 🙂

12053091_1058999714111340_1884292108_n  12067267_1059005670777411_1608155286_n

Thank you Michelle for our amazing little pony, he is exactly what you told us, and being honest about his good/bad issues. We took him out for a couple hour trial ride and he was a great pony. Took care of my little one. I will work on him on his arena issues LOL. Thank you again for being 100% honest. I will differently tell my horsey friends about you guys. Thank you Stacy (I will send you pictures soon)



Kandy Mills Kadlecek He is so cute I love him. Great match thanks you again ?


Erica Coulson  Michelle!! Such amazing horses you have!!

Hi, this is Marla. We bought Bandit from you in May. Just wanted to share this pic of him giving my niece a ride. He is a very good boy. When the time comes to look for another horse I’ll be contacting you:-)


I love him, thank you so much, I took him out after you dropped him off with my friends and he did awesome, Ashley

11998379_1033057380045961_1198533273_n  11998268_1033057406712625_811185188_n

Dominic riding  Jake today:), THANK YOU, JD


Sue Arata You’ve got some beautiful horses for sale! Too far from Mt and climate is way different! But enjoy seeing your posts on horses for sale!

I pulled in & she just hopped on him. (He was Nay’s horse, then Brooke’s, and now MINE) but they ride all of them to change it up. Michelle Self-Silveira…look at our happy girl and Maverick is so cool. Leg only and he goes where she tells him. They’ve done it with the yellow boy, too. Scared the shit out of me but they just cruised around…, I love these horses.


Michelle, just wanted to tell you I think your the “BEST” thank you so much for my boy. He is everything you said. I will be sending people your way, I took him out this weekend on a camping trip with my horsey friends, and everyone was so impress with him. He was excellent! He will have a forever home with me. Thank you, Stacy

Jmranchhorses, your horses look fanatic. When I’m in the market for another horse I will be getting my next one from your ranch. Keep up the great job! Kathy

Hi, Michelle, just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is to have Maverick. Took him out for a ride and I am definitely in love. Thank you, Luanna


Hi Michelle, I wanted to let you know how much I love my horse, I was a little nervous on buying a horse site unseen in a different state, but I couldn’t be more happier when he backed out of the shippers trailer and saw he is exactly like in the video, and pictures. He is everything you said and shown in the video. He rides like a dream. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM, Thank you so very much. You made are whole family so happy! Trisha from Texas

 Here is some pictures of the lovely Amber, she is amazing with the kids love her, Jeanne

ATT_1435270900213_IMG957129  IMG953145



Canella an Red won their first buckle together this weekend!

11225938_989595431051769_224240032_n  11263818_989595434385102_1603111119_n

Thank you Michelle for taking the time yesterday, and finding me my new best friend. He is everything and more than you told me on the phone,  It was worth the 8 hour drive. (long drive, lol) to come home with such a wonderful sweet boy. You will be highly recommended to all my horse friends. I will be sending my friends to you. Thank you again for your time and patience, Tracy Belington



We did come home with a new horse for brice! His new gelding snorty from jm ranch horses! He is already in love!

Thank you! He already has gone riding this morning, and he gets shoes this afternoon(:, THANK YOU, Jenny S


I highly recommend Michelle for fitting the right horse to rider. She is the most honest horse dealer I’ve dealt with in a very long time. Refreshingly honest! Leslie Larson, Ph.D.

Jmranchhorses,  I wanted to inform any one looking for a horse, that I bought my gelding off a video &  had it shipped to Idaho . My gelding is exactly what she had advertised. I couldn’t be more happier, pleased on how broke he is.  This was my first time doing it this way. Michelle, was very helpful and made it a very easy for me.  Thank you again,  Sandy

Dear Ms. Michelle, Hi this is Sierra and I wanted to thank you for making Heartbreak such a good horse. I’ve been wanting a nice horse for a really long time. Heartbreak came along and I just knew he was the one, we have decided his name will be Ke Koa, witch in Hawaiian means “brave Warrior”. I was so excited when he arrived. I no everyone will love him. He is so pretty. I just wanted to tell you myself thanks,  Thanks again, Sierra K.


Thank you, Michelle Self-Silveira, for such a nice boy!




Kathy Hammers Michelle Self-Silveira sell great good lookin horses ,and she makes sure your happy with them,here’s another good J & M gelding,love all you girls!


Canella an Red turning into quite a team,

11195447_986445964700049_962715597_n 11198430_986445961366716_1285537764_n


11245533_1432143137103856_6681078977556302467_n    11130091_1432143187103851_2017179139770993454_n



First outing. Love him thank you so much. Going camping this weekend. THANK YOU KANDY

I cannot say enough good things about Michelle. She has been the most pleasant, hard working professional I have done business with. Her place is very nice, horses are taken care of, and you can see the love that she has for her horses.
It’s always a pleasure to go to JMRanchorses. Thanks Michelle

Thank you he’s a joy to have everyone loves him, Andrea

11042214_1773201922905679_941538472_n  11026458_1773201826239022_939166179_n 11047131_1773201779572360_496509755_n

Michelle, thank you for my wonderful gelding, he has brought so much happiest to me. I will send you pictures of us soon. I truly can’t thank you enough. Sincerely, Tracy

We just recently bought a gelding from Michelle, We can’t thank  her enough for taking the time with us. Also she gave my wife some points in horsemanship. We will be sending people her way. Very happy with our big boy!

Thank you,

Michael & Stacy






Well here she is Miss Rubee ! We drove a little over five hundred miles in two days to find this girl and now she is part of our family. She has her winter coat on and looks like she needs a bath and a few pounds but she is so sweet and kind a one in a million quarter pony just the girl we were looking for ! Little children can climb all over her and she isn’t afraid of dogs at all. Ashley will have her in training from here on and I’m telling you this horse is a dream come true. Thank You Lord for being with us on this journey for a pony for my Grandchildren ! Let the fun times roll !


“Michelle was really knowledgeable and understanding in what our needs and desires were in finding the horse for us.  Scooter is settling into his new home, and enjoys his special treats with his new “Mom” Maggie.  Of course it seemed to really perk up his spirit that he came home with an extra, Michelle’s Mini horse who we have dubbed Nugget.  Just double the fun in our home.  We can’t wait to grow with these two animals as a part of our family and have a lot of fun doing so.

Michelle was great in working around our schedule in seeing him, and holding him for me when others would call about him. And for keeping him with her until we could bring him home as our daughter’s Christmas present!  Extremely nice and open to ALL of our constant questions, and with paperwork in hand.  In the future when it’s time to add on for another member of the family (hopefully all me next time), we know just who to call.  Thanks Michelle

Katie – Santa Rosa”

Thanks again for all your help!



Michelle, just wanted to let you know that I bought a horse from you couple months ago and I couldn’t be more happier with him. Its great to know that there are people out there to be so honest and caring, like you. Thank you for taking the time with me to pick out the best fit for what I was looking for. You are very sweet lady and I will be sending people your way. Thank you, Henry

Michelle, want to take a minute and inform you that we love are mare, and you did a wonderful job matching our family with her. Thank you, Marci

You found our family a great match. Thank you, he has taken great care of are kids. He is perfect. Thank you again, Dee

I want to let you know that everyone loves Dream catcher at the barn, Thank you

love him, Jill


Here’s Westley (AKA Jamaica) enjoying a bit of soccer at this new ranch. He seems very happy and settled in. We are having a lot of fun together, Jennifer


Michelle Self-Silveira….he is sooo sweet and kind. Quite the gentle giant. His summer coat is a gorgeous shiny black just like u said it would be! Thanks again for matching me with Phantom and selling him to me. He is much ♥ed. Thank u JM Ranch.


Red was amazing today! He listened well, didn’t get hot at all and took good care of my girl! Thank you


Michelle Silveira @ JM Ranch Horses

After looking at many horses on line, and calling on so many, I finally called Michelle about one of her horses.  She was honest, and knowledgeable, and told me that the horse I was interested in probably wouldn’t be a great fit for my level of experience.  She took my name and number and told me she would call me when something suitable came around.  And I looked at other horses, called more people, until one day she called me back about this fabulous, kind hearted and well-minded gelding that she thought would make a great horse for me and my kids.  And…HE IS PERFECT!  Tugboat has become a beloved part of our family thanks to the honesty and knowledge that Michelle provided in our short encounter.  Many thanks to her!

Amy Riebli Petaluma, CA



Vegas, at the end of a long day! standing as quiet as any good horse would!!! Thanks Michelle Self-Silveira, he is a star!!!


Hi Michelle,

 Just want to let you know that How D Norman Labou (A Horse with No Name) now goes by the name of Magic (Do You Believe in Magic).  I had one nice day after we got him home and just walked him around the pasture, let him meet his pasture pals and took him for a walk through the woods and then winter and the rain came back.  We finally had a nice day when we were off work to ride and he was wonderful.  He makes me feel like a better rider than I am and I trust him completely.  I am thrilled with him so far and I want to thank you for matching me with such a sweet horse.  All the horses get along really well and he fits in with the others perfectly.  If I am ever in the need of another horse I will definitely be back.




Michelle Self-Silveira I love every horse you post.. Not that I need one, but if I did.. I would so be coming for a visit ! Such lovely animals every one of them.  Thank you for letting me drool over them all. Shelly Smith


I can take a million pictures of my Boo and never will they capture the pure awesomeness of this guy. His pretty face, big huge round feet, 100% muscled covered big bones and his gorgeous flea bitten grey coloring. He was an ugly duckling when I got him on December 23, 2013 , 6 one hour lessons on him followed by 1-3 hours of practice EACH day except for a total of four days since I got him. I paid $3,000 for him but today, not even four months later……he truly is priceless and NOT registered. I don’t know his breeding and in all reality he has just proven to me that papers are worthless, it is a horses HEART that determines his worth. His heart is huge. Dawn



Phantom! Who is doing awesome btw! I absolutely love and enjoy him so much. He is so gentle with my niece yet also steps it up when i ride! Cannot THANK YOU GUYS ENOUGH! CARYN


I cant thank you enough, my girl is more happier than I have seen her. thank you for taking the time and working with  our family to pick the best gelding for her. she gets home from school, and the first thing she does is run out there to say hi. she goes out there and rides him all by her self now, takes the stress out of me to know he takes 100% care of her, and she is safe. It is hard to find honest horse people, and you are truly honest and caring. I will differently send my friends to you. Thank you again. Kim



Michelle Self-Silveira.  Thx for my horses!!!!!!  I’ll never buy a horse from anyone else:   For me or the great mounts you matched my kids to.  You’ve made us a very, VERY happy family with these geldings!!!  Thank you, Julie


We got the saddle it’s perfect ! Thanks, Steve Rogers


Happy Valentines Michelle Self-Silveira! I cant thank u enough for introducing me to My Very Special Valentine this year, Phantom! He is everything I wanted in my horse and more! He is doing great and is always a perfect gentleman. Such a sweet temperment. You should do an online match site for riders looking for their perfect horse!! :)♥Phantom’s Bravado♥, Thank you  Caryn Gribbon

Thank you so much for pairing me with Fireball! He has proven himself time and time again and has been everything you said he would be- works even better that he has turned out to be one heck of a barrel horse! Thank you once again. .He is very loved!


Thank you Michelle Self-Silveira. We have gotten nothing but complements on how beautiful he is and what a sweet temperment he has. ♥him. 🙂


just wanted to drop a little note and tell you that my wife just loves her, she takes care of her. Thanks Dan


1501780_410059462457730_191685107_n She loves him! Thanks;) he is so sweet, Trista

1505129_3780625730261_860833452_nI find it easy to take awesome pics of Boo-tifal creatures and amazing things when my heart is in it. <3 my big guy! Dawn

Hey Michelle – we bought Tonka Toy from you.  Just wanted to let you know we love him and Tommy and he are going great together, Lesley


IMG_71534127468097 IMG_71475132992291    love her – Jenny Smith

Hi Michelle ,I just wanted to tell you that Tuff is doing great ,My husband and I love him ,HE is the sweetist boy you could ever meet.he loves my other horse Turtle ,they get along great ,hope you are doing well ,thanks for working with me to find the perfect partner !!!!! You are a very honest and good person ,thank You!!!!You did a good job ,and have some great horses I just needed something really specific ,and so far he fits the bill sorry Iam such a pain in the butt,so picky ,I just like my horses to love the job thier doing so they can do thier best at it ,I would recemend you to any one looking for a good horse ,THANKS MY FRIEND, Kathy Hammers




THANK YOU!!!! Michelle, the kids just love her to pieces.



IMG959217_1  IMG_9236

Thank you Michelle Self-Silveira for such an awesome horse..we love him soooo Melanie & Natalie Walker..anyone one needing a good horse go see Michelle.  We are learning to do so much in riding because of this great horse. Thanks so much Michelle they love and spoil him so much.


 please post to your testimonial’s!  This horse, IROC, will go as slow or as fast as you want him to. That’s my 10-yr old on him.  She stole him from me and now that I bought my second horse from you, my newly 9-yr old might steal him too!  You’re my “go to” horse woman for horses. You give the horse business a good name, and here’s proof.  I’l send picture’s of Remedy when I load them. LOVE these two and I appreciate your integrity in a business that can have a bad reputation, like lawyers and car sales, but you give the horse world a good name.  I’ve had this sorrel for about 3 years now?  And our new guy since Spring. Thank you for horses we have to FIGHT over b/c they are solid and great-minded.


www.jmranchhorses.com     I have 2 outstanding horses from Michelle in Corning and her support of my daughter’s through the Red Bluff Jr Round Up Rodeo and the Run for the Gold in Shasta County, Region 18.  Thank you Michelle Self-Silveiraand Dr. Soloniuk at Soloniuk Pain Center for sponsoring my daughters.  Truly exceptional people.  Thank you, Michelle, for two GREAT horses!!! You give the horse business a good name!

THANK YOU, Michelle Self-Silveira, for Sponsoring Brooke for the Run For The Gold!!!  She is totally amped!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!



I purchased a gelding from you about a year ago, and wanted to drop you a line to say, we are so in love.

Rachael is doing barrels on him, and doing so well. He takes great care of her. 

Thank you, Amy

Hello Michelle,

I just had a moment to thank you so much for our horse, we couldn’t be more happier with

him. he is everything that you stated to our family. we have had him to roping’s, play days,  trails, and 

we have even taken him to the beach. I have enjoyed every minute with him. 

I just love him, thank you again!

Susan Thomas 


So proud of my pony!!   





I just wanted to thank you for Catalina she is doing GREAT!, i’m doing drill team with her right now, 🙂 I love her thanks again,


Hi Michelle,  Thanks for helping me out and being so willing to do more, I really appreciate it.I just love my new guy!  Has his  Spring shots, was wormed and had his teeth done and new shoes.  Only thing left to do is get his a Chiro adjustment if he needs it and he will be good to go for about 10 years!  He’s a glutton for lovings and grooming, like he mumbles!  He follows me all over the pasture and I can’t get enough of him.  He doesn’t much like to be bathed, kind of moves all over but he’s still such a good boy.  Joyce and I are surprised that he’s gotten lighter and actually looks like a Buckskin color.I took him out to the ranch where my husband does cutting last Friday and he was such a good boy.  He and I just walked all around the ranch and did everything I asked of him.  My friend took me on a trail ride and we came to a railroad bridge with like a 200 ft. drop and no side rails and my Chex Baby walked right across – good thing as I closed my eyes – do not want to do that again!   Also last Wed.  I took my 23 yr.old grandson out to a public arena and took both horses and both were great but Chex was the greatest. 

Anyway here are a few pics – hope you enjoy.

Warmly, Rosie

I’m sending a pic of Chex and me just yesterday.  He’s such a good boy and I just love him.  I’m finally jogging on him and staying in the saddle.  I rode him today on a trail course.  We went down hills traversing, over huge logs, did figure 8’s in between trees, walked in between posts with a cone at end and then backed out, etc. and he did so great – and so did I.  Anyway I just love him.

Warmly, Rosie

buckskin gelding buckeye joe

He’s a barrel horse now and doing great

Yah he will never leave my hands, I have big plans for him and he thinks he is my puppy lol he follows me everywhere

He definetly is a happy horse I have a few that will never get sold and he is one of them

Thank you, Brandi Ford

Hi Michelle and Jake, I bought I horse from you last year named Cookie. Jake said he was a mustang he got from a man with the last name of Cook. I know you guys go through a lot of horses so I’ve attached a picture of him to jog your memory.   I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much my husband, Rich and I are enjoying Cookie.  We have 3 other horses, but Cookie is my ‘go to’ horse; always easy going and fun to ride. No matter how long he is off, he’s always the same guy when we get back on him. He has the sweetest gaits ever and is easy on the back (important at our age!). We love Cookie and he loves his new home. Thank you for the great horse. Sheri Vannelli


This is Regan i purchased Slippers from you at the ACTRA in Reno, Nevada. I just wanted you to know how slippers is doing. I have been breakawaying off pf him ever since i got him. He puts me where i need to be and every one at my rodeos love him. My trainer thinks he is the perfect horse for me and i love him to death. He is very sweet and never gets pushy. Slippers loves my barrel horse Halo to pieces. I use him for goats too and he is awesome!! He takes me right to the goat and makes sure i do good. When im done goat tying he turns to face me and waits for me at the end of the arena. Slippers is the best horse! Im placing in the top 10 with him in the goats. Breakaway is getting better every day, im still learning so he is being patient and getting the calve to run straight for me. We have grown together really well.

   Thank you so much for Slippers and sorry i didn’t get to email you earlier.


Regan Henderson and Wade Henderson

Yep!!!  That’s our big boy next to our palomino!!!  He’s got the HUGEST personality and, Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us and for my kids.  Les LOVES Gunner. AND IROC won me my first and only saddle! He just get’s better a little a time.  Always shaves a split off of every event.  I have the papers to prove it!  We just LOVE that big guy!  Girls ride him bareback with halter only. The girls love you…no pressure, no bullshit, and you have a knack for placing the right horse with the right kid.  🙂   I don’t want to share him though!!!  He’s MINE!!!  love him!!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the five months that I’ve had Remington (formerly Shooter) have been wonderful.  You were right, he’s the perfect horse, my life-long buddy.  I have never bonded so quickly with any animal.  Within one hour of Remington and I meeting, he and I were attached.  By the time I left two hours later, we were in love.  I’ve taken him everywhere since he’s so easy going and trusting. Very smart, curious, loving, willing to try something new, and comes when he see’s me even if I’m on the other side of the fence.  What more can you ask for? When the time comes to purchase another horse, ( I have an older mare also) I won’t waste my time going else where.  I know it will be a one-stop shopping trip.  Thanks again for making my dream come true. He will be with me for as long as he lives.  By the way, after his vet check, my vet said if she was looking for a horse, she would buy him.  Sue – Latrobe, CA

 Good Morning Michelle,

we all just love the pony we call him Fritz after the book Fritz and the beautiful horses, he is so awesome and so sweet he loves the kidss.

Ruthie Belle and Fritz

Jake and Michelle,
Just wanted to let you know that the five months that I’ve had Remington (formerly Shooter) have been wonderful.  You were right, he’s the perfect horse, my life-long buddy.  I have never bonded so quickly with any animal.  Within one hour of Remington and I meeting, he and I w