Charlie Brown is a 13yr approx. 12-12.3hh VIDEO: https://youtu.be/_fFpCLHxEwoSUPER GENTLE FOR ANYONEhe is a dream to be around or on, ride him bareback, with a halter or saddle up and go. you will see in the video my grandbaby that doesn’t know how to ride by herself yet, he took such good care of her. he is suitable for any level of rider. this boy has NO bad habits, no kick, bit, buck..etc!! greets you at the gate, pasture/stall. he will slow down for your beginners or have speed for your more advance kids. he has done playdays, push in cattle, been ranch roped off. nothing gets him upset. ties, clips, baths, trailers, jumps right in. has fantastic ground manners. loves attention. he rides like a horse, walks, trot, canters, picks up both leads, has a great stop, backs, turns around. smooth gaits.

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