Squirt Gun 13yr approx 7hh is the most sweetest & safe mini pony ever!! current video: https://youtu.be/8DFIkdSQ7YEMy grandbaby got him 2yrs ago, and he is so patient with her, she plays with him, NO kick, bit, bad habits, she runs all around/under him, picks up his feet, she leads him all around, climb & jumps on him, he is 100% sound & healthy, never has he founder, or any lameness issues, he runs up to her, stands tied, clips, bathes, jumps in trailer, has been hauled every where. NOT spooky, been ponied down the trials with kids on him, birthday parties, barrel races, the ONLY reason he is for sale is I bought her a big horse and as long as he is here she will not be interested in her horse tell he is gone!! DON’T message me if you are looking for a cheap pony!!

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