SOLD All around safe & gentle Gelding $10,500

Royal is a confidence builder, he is suitable for about any level of rider. he can be put away for a while and pull him out and saddle up and step on, walks, trot, canters, super broke, backs, neck reins. take him down the trails, he will go over or through anything, or enjoy him in the arena. He’s very level headed, quiet, easy to handle. Ties, clips, trailers, fantastic with his feet, stands for as much attention that you will give him. clean legged, 100% sound and healthy. he will ride bareback with a rope around him. he is safe and gentle. goes out by himself or group. NO buck or silliness. He has pushed in cattle, drag calves to the fire, in the branding pen. He would be great for the whole family. go use him and then throw your kid on him to putt around. 8 year old 15 hands

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